MOVE: Flow Like Water (A Parkour Documentary)

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MOVE: Flow Like Water (A Parkour Documentary)

Fish & Swallow || Michelle Kan
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Fish & Swallow Productions
Premiered: 11 September 2015
Run time: 75min

English subtitles included

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Parkour – the Art of Movement.
You've probably seen or heard of it before. But how much do you actually know about it? In this debut feature-length documentary by independent filmmaker and videographer Michelle Kan, we journey into the New Zealand parkour scene and take a look at the philosophies and principles that this discipline embodies, as well as sharing the stories of those in the New Zealand community whom parkour has helped in profound ways.

MOVE (Flow Like Water) – A Parkour Documentary utilises Chinese themes and motifs and the Maori concept of Hauora to illustrate the history, principles and philosophies of parkour, and features footage and interviews of not just the Wellington parkour crew, but of the greater New Zealand community.

HAUORA Teaser Trailers • One Year Anniversary Trailer

"Creating a Logo" Featurette • MOVE Opening (No Voiceover) • inkLink Studio Featurette

"I thoroughly recommend this film, to both lovers of documentary, lovers of Parkour, and those who (like me) have an interest in learning more. Michelle has made a labour of love here, and it shows: every frame of the 70min run-time is saturated in it--love for her film making, love for her subject matter, love for the community. Chinese calligraphy (drawing on the shared Chinese heritage of both Parkour and the filmmaker), Maori translations, and French archival footage round out this debut full-length film. If this is a sign of things to come, we should all be excited to see the what the next stage in this journey will be!" 
–K. Broome, Wellington NZ
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